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Monte’s List is a FREE classified section where you can Gift/Donate medical supplies, goods, services or food to hospitals, nursing homes, churches, fire or police dept’s or neighbors.

Simply click “Post new ads” button or go to “Browse Ads” and click “Submit new listing” button take a photo of the item on your cell phone and upload it with your zip code and method for contact (email, phone). Recipient will be required to pick up donation.

To browse by zip code simply add at “select location” search box.

During this global pandemic simple goods you have may save a life ( i.e. ski goggles)

Donating food is also helpful in many areas. Arrange to leave food on front porch for safety. Communication with physical distancing important, we hope this will bring people together.

This site has been funded by Dr. Fantastic and his Be Fantastic movement. For more information on this global movement follow these links:

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Monetary donations to help support Monteslist is through The Foundation for World Harmony a 501C3 charitable organization.